IFMA Utilities Council

IFMA Utilities Council: Facility Benchmarking Survey

Who we are…

This is the benchmarking group of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Utilities Council.  Active since 1995, the IFMA Utilities Council was created to share and develop knowledge among facility managers of electric, gas, water, and telecommunications companies. Benchmarking participants gather and share data and best practices related to managing their facilities.

How we design and conduct the survey…

A Steering Committee has developed a standard set of survey definitions to measure the costs of the services required to support a facility. We also link the results to a standardized Performance Survey, which provides a subjective evaluation on the quality of the services.

How we share the survey results…

The survey results are compiled into downloadable reports. We also present the results at four meetings throughout the year:

  • Utilities Council meetings in the Spring and Fall
  • Two regional meetings (East and West) organized by Facilities Issues.

What we benchmark…

  • Costs of:
    • utilities,
    • building maintenance
    • custodial services
    • parking
    • grounds maintenance
    • building security, and
    • fixed-occupancy.
  • Quality with a standardized occupancy satisfaction survey
  • Services
    • reprographics
    • mail
    • integrated pest management
    • moves and relocationsIMG_3598
  • Best practices in
    • maintenance
    • janitorial
    • utilities
  • Other issues
    • sustainability
    • wages