Facility Management Benchmarking

Facility benchmarking for all organizations.

Our facility management benchmarking programs have been offered for many years.  We now offer a range of programs for facility managers of all types of organizations in addition to those that are industry specific. Read more about why you should benchmark and why facility metrics are useful if you do not yet have clear objectives.

Options Available to Benchmark Facility Management

Facility Manager Roundtable Program

This is the comprehensive facilities management benchmarking survey offered for over 25 years with participation by a diverse set of large companies across the U.S.  Topic include costs and best practices for space, condition, utilities, building maintenance, janitorial services, parking, grounds maintenance, building security, projects, facilities engineering, fixed occupancy, and environmental health and safety.

Core Metrics Program

Our Core Facility Metrics program provides the opportunity to benchmark your properties in minutes by entering just a couple dozen data items such as facility size, number of occupants, costs by activity, and answer some multiple-choice questions about your organization and property.  This is a very easy and affordable facility benchmarking program.

Energy Use Intensity Benchmarking

Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is one of the key facility metrics related to both sustainability and cost management.  Energy efficient facilities have lower utility costs and a lower carbon footprint. Facility Issues is providing free strategic benchmarking for facility managers seeking to develop a process to improve their Energy Use Intensity.  This is an easy and anonymous program for any size organization and a great way for you to use a simple metric for both cost and sustainability performance.

Facility Occupant Surveys

Use our ready-to-go facility management satisfaction survey to ask the occupants of your facility to rate the importance and satisfaction with the services you / your contractor provide. Some organizations require their facility manager to obtain a minimum level of occupant satisfaction. Just refine our standard template, send an email to your employees with a link we provide, and view the results.

Government Agency Options

If you are with a government agency, you can use the GSA schedule for some of our programs.

Shared Practice Surveys

From time to time we distribute shared practice surveys – these are short surveys on specific topics of interest to Facility Managers not included in the formal benchmarking. You do not need to be enrolled in any of our programs to participate in these surveys, and anyone who participates received those results. (You just need to be on our mailing list (below).


Facility Benchmarking Support Services

Facility Benchmarking Services

We understand that you may need additional support if when it comes to facility benchmarking in project management. When you are just getting started and do not have support staff, or even during busy years, we can provide assistance to help you assemble and organize the appropriate data from your finance and other systems. This process will help setup a strategic benchmarking process that will enable you to easily follow these processes yourself going forward.

Facility Data and Scorecard Services

You can have the advantages of an integrated set of facility benchmarking metrics using available data tools without spending a lot of time each month or a six-digit investment in software systems. Integrating your facility data is much easier and less expensive than integrating your various systems and provides you with the benefits of a central data repository. This can be especially valuable if you manage multiple properties.