Facility Management Benchmarking

Facility Management Benchmarking is a simple and affordable way to both measure your performance and identify potential improvement opportunities.  All it requires is for you to have a good set of data about your facilities and your operations, and a willingness to see where the data leads.

Facilities benchmarking is more than just a score.  Here are some of the ways you can use your benchmarking results:

  • Evaluate your facility’s performance
  • Demonstrate you have reasonable facility operating costs
  • Document that you have superior facility operations performance
  • Identify areas for improvement in your facility operations
  • Identify the potential magnitude of possible savings in your facility operating costs
  • Identify areas of potential concern
  • Quantify the impact of different FM policies and practices
  • Evaluate FM staffing levels
  • Evaluate occupant satisfaction
  • Evaluate facility service provider performance
  • Project space needs associated with increased number of occupants/employees
  • Forecast FM staffing implications associated with changing space
  • Forecast FM budget implications associated with changing space
  • Estimate FM budget implications associated with changing service levels

See How You Specifically Compare with Facility Management Benchmarking

Our facility management benchmarking reports do not just give you the overall averages but show how you specifically compare (see the blue X on the chart below). Our interactive reports also let you select the metrics of interest and customize the criteria so you can explore the data for additional insights.

Example Facility Management Benchmarking Chart

Facility Issues provides Excel templates so you can load your data by property providing you with “internal” benchmarking at the same time so you can see which of your properties are the ones with the highest opportunity for improvement.

See The Savings Potential from Best Practices

See the potential impact of different practices on operating costs to better understand the likely opportunity or cost impact of practices that you are considering.

Example Facility Management Benchmarking Best Practice Chart

Learn from Your Peers with Facility Management Benchmarking

Some of our facility management benchmarking industry groups include regular meetings where you can discuss common issues and share lessons learned and best practices beyond what is in the benchmarking report.  You can also submit a special topic question on an emerging issue you are facing.

Unmatched Support from Facility Issues

You can contact us anytime and we will answer your questions and offer suggestions on areas of concern.  For new facility management benchmarking participants, we also include two one-on-one web sessions with you – one to review your data collection/input questions and one to review the report results to help you identify value for your organizations.


Want More Info About Facility Management Benchmarking?

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Why Facility Issues?

Facility metrics and benchmarking are our primary business, not publishing or consulting. So, we are here to answer questions and help you find the information you need in your data, not use it to sell reports.  Read more about our industry groups.

From some of our participants…

“Benchmarking proves to our principle funders, the Canadian Government’s Treasury Board, that our buildings are among the top performers among many international museums and that requests for additional funding for critical infrastructure repairs are verifiable and legitimate. As a result, our museum has secured additional funding for the next five years to undertake major building repairs and upgrades.” —Guy Larocque, Canadian Museum of Civilization

“Just completing the questionnaire provided suggestions on ways to improve our operation.” —Carnegie Museums

“The data are extremely useful.” —Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

“APS has adopted the Facilities Benchmarking comparative process for a sustainable Facilities Management platform. We will continue to participate in the process towards constant Facilities improvement and budget analysis.” —Jay Buffkin, APS Real Estate & Facilities Management

“I have utilized the IFMA benchmarking process to justify/right size staffing levels. In addition, the IFMA benchmarking data has been a valuable resource in evaluating strategies around outsourcing and in-sourcing functions within the Facilities Management organization.” —Thomas R. McDermott, Facilities Operations, Northeast Utilities Service Company