Research Facilities Benchmarking Program

A benchmarking group for those who manage research facilities.

About This Group

The research facility management benchmarking group primarily represents those who manage research facilities and has helped participants save an average of about $1.25 per square foot annually. Government, corporate, and academic organizations are all welcome to participate. This benchmarking group grew from a private program started by IBM two dozen years ago to include a number of private research organizations and government laboratories.

This group is for managers of research facilities/campuses who would like to benchmark with and network with their peers on issues specific to these types of facilities:

  • Simple, Anonymous Campus Benchmarking:Some benchmarking programs are oriented for a single building. This program is more oriented to campus and large complex operations. We understand that some data is sensitive, so the results are reported in metrics by anonymous ID that do not allow identification of an individual organization.
  • Interactive Reporting:The results from our benchmarking programs are provided in an online business intelligence system that lets you filter and customize the charts to explore the data and meet your needs.
  • Government Agency Pricing: If you are with a government agency, you can use the GSA schedule for some of our programs.
  • Independent Third Party:If you source your facility management with an integrated facility service provider, they probably provide you with some benchmarking.  Some companies use Facility Issues’ programs to independently track performance.
  • Personal Support: We provide online and phone support if there are any technical questions. We provide instruction documents and white papers to help you assemble and use your facility metrics, and periodically hold webinars to review new features and questions.


How the Research Facility Benchmarking  (RFB) Programs Work

The contents of the benchmarking program were developed based upon the topics of interest to facility managers. Each year, we review and update the program based upon suggestions and request of participants.

You can contact us to join the program or sign up right on this site.  You are assigned a participant code to identify yourself in the results but remain anonymous. How-to guides are available, there is a Getting Started Webinar, Facility Issues will coach you through the process if you have any questions.

Then you assemble your data and enter it into our online forms or Excel template.  The data collected is to measure performance in key areas of facility management and to identify best practices and industry trends.  We use common industry data definitions which are provided on the forms and template for reference. If your data is well structured in your corporate systems or even excel files, it can be entered in just a few hours.

Facility Issues reviews and compiles the data per the program schedule and creates interactive business intelligence reports available to participants online (more on the results/reports below). Draft reports are available part-way through the program to let you review and correct data as required. You can also download your data with our Excel template.

The program typically includes an annual Best Practices Conference.  For 2021 we will have virtual monthly networking meetings instead.

During the year we also run Special Topic Surveys on current issues you are facing that are not covered in the structured benchmarking.  The results of these surveys are available to benchmarking participants and anyone else who participating in them.

The Facility Benchmarking Results

The Executive Report (in all program options) compares several key facility metrics in an interactive business intelligence system.  The results include data on utilities, building operations, janitorial services, building and grounds maintenance, and building security, such as:

  • Organization & Property Demographics
  • Maintenance & Custodial Staffing
  • Costs by Type (custodial, maintenance, utilities, security)
  • Energy Usage and EUI
  • FCI
  • Rated practices

An example graph is shown above – each participating institution is shown with a vertical bar. The various color shadings represent the quartiles, and the horizontal black line is the median for the group.  You can filter the results by selected categories such as Type of Organization, Property Size (groupings) and other demographic criteria depending on the benchmarking program.

The benchmarking program includes additional reports with data on topics such as:

  • Property SLA
  • Staffing ratios
  • Cost totals
  • Sustainability by quartile (various metrics)
  • Projects
  • Site & grounds
  • Security
  • Technology practices
  • Practices employed: custodial, maintenance, conservation, space management
  • General comments & more


See which participation option is best for you or contact us using the form below with any questions about facility benchmarking for your situation.