The Changing Workplace

Introduction: This post has evolved from just work-from-home support to some broader facility/organization issues.

There needs to be a HUGE and thoughtful discussion about changes in the workplace that address the spectrum of issues associated with densification, smart buildings, mobile workforce, and public wellness.  The facility management group should be leading this discussion in your organization, so here are some references to help your thinking (more needed and more to come):

What are the bigger trends we will see? More remote work, touch-free technology, cleaning technology/products, on-shoring of industry and supply chain robustness, more automation, self-driving vehicles (air and land), and quicker 5G rollout all are likely.  How will these trends impact YOUR facilities?

Other references

There has been an unprecedented and rapid shift to having our employees work from home (to the degree possible).  In case you are not getting enough (or too much) information from other sources, we have collected links to some references for this since the magnitude is new to many organizations

Remote Worker Support

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