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Shared Practices Surveys

Shared practice surveys are “mini-surveys” with just a few questions on a topic or interest or concern to facility managers that is not contained in our regular benchmarking programs.  The advantage of these vs. chat boards is that we present the results as a report so even when the response is low it is easy […]

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Upcoming Benchmarking & Best Practices Meetings

Scheduled group meetings and Facility Issues conference sessions: Jan/Feb 2020 TBD: Eastern and Western Utility Group Networking/Mentoring meetings. March 17-19, 2020 – Baltimore, MD: NFMT Conference Apr/May 2020 TBD: Facility Issues presentation at IFMA UC Spring Meeting. Jun/Jul 2020 TBD: Research Facility Manager Networking Meeting Summer 2020 TBD: Eastern and Western Utility Group Networking/Mentoring meetings. September […]

End of Budget Year Promotions

Facility Issues tries to provide good value and useful services to our clients.  We understand that sometimes there are funds left at the end of budget year presenting you with an unplanned opportunity to take advantage of our programs and services.  Here are some promotions for the balance of 2019: Enroll in any 2020 benchmarking […]

Papyrus Fall 2019

These are the page links mentioned in the Facility Issues article in the Fall 2019 edition of Papyrus magazine: The presentation made at the main conference on “The Role of Benchmarking in the Emerging Big Data World” IAMFA Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA – September 2019   Options for energy benchmarking: Energy Benchmarking

Benchmarking Review at IFMA UC 2019 Fall Meeting (Phoenix AZ)

Bob Lambe reviewed this year’s utilities benchmarking draft results at the Utilities Council Fall Meeting  on October 13-14, 2019 hosted by APS in Phoenix, AZ.  This was just a small portion of the program at the annual meeting held the Sunday and Monday before IFMA’s World Workplace conference as usual. In addition to the draft […]

IAMFA Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA – September 2019

The 2019 IAMFA (International Association of Museum Facility Administrators) Annual Conference was hosted by the Carnegie Museum Of Natural History, Carnegie Museum of Art, Phipps Conservatory, and Heinz History Center among other fine venues in southwestern Pennsylvania.   Robert Lambe presented on The Role of Small Data in a Big Data World, a summary of […]

IAMFA Benchmarking Program Overview for NYC Regional Group

Bob Lambe presented an overview of the IAMFA Benchmarking Program for the near-NYC regional group (IAMFA Chapter) at the Center for Jewish History in Chelsea on August 21. Download the presentation (PDF) Also at this meeting was a complementary overview of Energy Star and sustainability performance data by Joyce Lee of IndigoJLD (https://twitter.com/museumsforparis). Joyce’s presentation […]

2019 Benchmarking Clarifications

Thank you all for your feedback on the revised template and identification of areas needing attention or clarification. Instructions for the program can be found here. Here are some references in response to specific questions on the Utility Council program: Two columns in an early version of the data template had incorrect pick lists  – if […]

Integrate Your Facility Data for Valuable Insights

Most organizations have a wealth of data about their facility assets and operations. This data can be used for strategic planning, management by exception, and benchmarking but often it is fragmented among different systems making it difficult and time consuming to analyze. Don’t miss my session “Integrate Your Facility Data for Valuable Insights” at NFMT […]

Critical Facilities Benchmarking Workshop Nashville, TN – October 2018

People from a dozen different organizations including Microsoft, Disney, Capital One, and University of VA attended this pre-conference workshop at the TradePress’s Critical Facility Summit in Nashville TN. “This is an opportunity for participants to establish key benchmark metrics specific to critical facilities and learn how other organizations maintain the reliability of these types of […]