What are Your Facility Issues in 2022?

Pandemic response has stolen our focus for the past couple years – is this changing now?  Share what you think are the most pressing issues coming up for 2022 of the many facing facility managers.   Take our survey to provide your input, and if you include your email we will send you the results […]

Cultural Facility 2021 Benchmarking Update

2021 was another “interesting” year, as we all have been planning, transitioning to, or adjusting to, new facility standards and operations. The Cultural Facility Benchmarking program has seen some adaptations as well. Meetings Instead of the annual Benchmarking Workshop at the annual meeting. We shifted to monthly virtual Shared Practice & Networking Meetings that included […]

Now Available: Compendium of Facility Metrics and Measures

We have assembled a list of many of the facility measures and metrics used in our benchmarking and studies into a document and are sharing that for reference and comments. Be warned: this is pretty dull reading. Also, this is version 1 and there are already updates in the works, so provide your email and […]

Benchmarking Through the Pandemic

Why is benchmarking relevant during the pandemic and reopening? In the movie Moneyball, manager Brad Pitt as manager Billy Beane tells his staff this brutally honest assessment of their situation and limited resources: There are rich teams and there are poor teams. Then, there’s 50 feet of crap. And then there’s us.   In a […]

Papyrus Infographics

We’d love to hear from you and include your response in our next Papyrus Infographic. Use the link below to participate (takes less than five minutes unless you have to look up the data!). Technologies being used by Cultural Facility Managers     Prior Infographics: Many people do not realize the variation of energy use […]

Cultural Facilities: COVID-19 Town Hall

This free and open to all web conference session is to facilitate sharing of practices and lessons learned among cultural institution facility managers, in response to changing operations due to COVID-19. Resource list for Cultural Institutions by IAMFA Precautions for Museums during Covid-19 Pandemic, by CIMAM, the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern […]

Utilities: COVID-19 Town Hall

This free and open web conference session is to facilitate sharing of practices and lessons learned among utility facility managers, especially with respect to maintaining critical company facility operations. March 11 call notes: Utility Group COVID-19 notes 03-11 March 24 call notes: Utility Group COVID-19 notes 03-24 Additional Information About National Grid Cleaning (requested during […]

The Changing Workplace

Introduction: This post has evolved from just work-from-home support to some broader facility/organization issues. There needs to be a HUGE and thoughtful discussion about changes in the workplace that address the spectrum of issues associated with densification, smart buildings, mobile workforce, and public wellness.  The facility management group should be leading this discussion in your […]

Papyrus Fall 2019

These are the page links mentioned in the Facility Issues article in the Fall 2019 edition of Papyrus magazine: The presentation made at the main conference on “The Role of Benchmarking in the Emerging Big Data World” IAMFA Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA – September 2019   Options for energy benchmarking: Energy Benchmarking

Benchmarking Review at IFMA UC 2019 Fall Meeting (Phoenix AZ)

Bob Lambe reviewed this year’s utilities benchmarking draft results at the Utilities Council Fall Meeting  on October 13-14, 2019 hosted by APS in Phoenix, AZ.  This was just a small portion of the program at the annual meeting held the Sunday and Monday before IFMA’s World Workplace conference as usual. In addition to the draft […]