About Facility Issues

Facility Issues is about helping you use data to improve your facilities and their operation.

Although we work with a diverse range of organizations, our clients all have the same goal: to improve the performance and reduce costs associated with their buildings and grounds.

We focus on delivering metrics and identifying best practices. In addition to facility costs, other performance metrics include sustainability, condition, risk, occupant satisfaction, and service level compliance.

Bob Lambe presenting at a facility best practices networking meeting

Bob Lambe presenting at a facility best practices networking meeting

The easiest and most affordable way for you to use facility metrics is with benchmarking, so we provide programs that deliver configurable reports showing how you compare with others.  We provide personal support to help you use these programs and their results. Some programs also include “best practices” networking meetings where participants can share experiences and enjoy the benefits of one-on-one interaction with each other.

If you do not have analyst support, we offer consulting services to help you get setup to take full advantage of the facility data already available in your organization.

If you want help using the results, we offer consulting services to help you identify specific areas of concern, items needing improvement, and areas where your organization may be over-performing / over-delivering services.

If you need help using your facility-related data for asset or organization planning, we offer strategic facility consulting services to work with you and coach your team.

We believe that benchmarking is an easy and effective path to continuous improvement, used by the best organizations, and a valuable tool for most facility managers.


Our Guiding Principles

Facility Issues’ philosophy is that we can, and should, provide quality physical environments for our organization’s workplace, using data-driven approaches. We are curious and contemplative in using data to explore the dynamics that drive top facility performance.

Facilities are valuable to our organizations and having the right physical space supports world-class business operations. GOAL: Facility Effectiveness = Increased Productivity and Quality/Value

We can (and should) always get better because competition is increasing and resources are scarce. GOAL: Facility Management Efficiency = Reduced Time and Cost

We need to capitalize on the increasing amount of data to better manage our facilities because they are expensive, long term assets.  APPROACH: Facility Data Integration and Distillation provides Timely and Useful Data

A strategic approach is imperative – we live in a VUCA World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) where we will never have complete and perfect data due to time and budget constraints.  APPROACH: Pareto principle (80/20) and Occam’s razor provides “Good Enough” Data


Small Organization, Big Value

Facility Issues Founder, Keith McClanahan and President Bob Lambe at Harvard Museum

Facility Issues Founder, Keith McClanahan and President Bob Lambe at Harvard Museum

Since our start in the early 1990s, Facility Issues has remained a small company to minimize our costs so we can provide very affordable ongoing programs.  We leverage technology for our ongoing benchmarking and facility metric programs to create systems that are easy to use and provide you with useful facility data.



Bob Lambe, the President of Facility Issues, has 30 years of experience on facilities projects, facility data systems, and long-term facility portfolio planning. Contact us if you would like assistance organizing or using your facility metrics.