Occupant Satisfaction Feedback Surveys

Do you know how satisfied your facility occupants are, and what they believe to be important?

  • Do you know what is bothering your facility occupants?
  • What gets in their way of having a productive workday?
  • What parts of your facility needs attention?
  • Which of your services do they value most? Which are going great?
  • Are there areas where you can re-focus effort on other things?
  • Do you get calls from executives that their employees have been unhappy about something for a while?

If you want to know what is on the mind of your facility occupants – just ask them. 

Our clients use occupant satisfaction surveys to:

  • Identify areas that need improvement
  • Identify areas where they may be over-performing or over-delivering services
  • Increase awareness about the services they provide
  • Obtain feedback about the facilities they manage
  • Assess trends in the facility occupants’ overall satisfaction with your facilities and services

Some organizations even require their facility manager to obtain a minimum level of satisfaction based on the occupant satisfaction feedback survey.

Our facility satisfaction surveys ask the occupants of your facility to rate the importance and satisfaction with the services you provide.

Why do our clients have Facility Issues administer their occupant satisfaction surveys?

  • The survey is ready to go. You can customize our template but no need for busy staff to start from scratch.
  • We do it for you. You just send an email to your employees with a link we provide and then view the results.
  • Facility Issues is an independent third party. Some employees have more confidence in that.
  • We can provide a context for what is a reasonable satisfaction level (it is different for different topics).
  • The Occupant Satisfaction Survey can be used as many times as you desire. The report automatically tracks trends for comparison. (Ask us about best practices).

Try it Yourself

This example shows two common sections of our occupant satisfaction survey and the type of results that can be expected (sanitized results from real surveys).

View an example survey in new window View an example report in new window
Example Occupant Survey Image Example Occupant Survey Report Image


How You Can Use the Occupant Satisfaction Feedback Survey Results

Here are ways that our clients use the results of their surveys:

  • As part of the performance review of various facility service provider teams.
  • Identify areas where more attention is needed because occupants rate their satisfaction low.
  • Identity specific facility issues to address that are mentioned by occupants in the comments (broken items, chronic problems).
  • Contact individuals who provide their name to demonstrate the responsiveness of your organization.
  • Identify areas where the occupants rate the importance low for potential redeployment of your resources.
  • Evaluate the trends over time by property to identify (confirm) changing facility quality conditions or changing service levels.


Start Today

Our standard survey or slightly revised version is easy to implement with a low annual rate for an unlimited number of responses/locations/surveys.  Take our example survey (above) to confirm it will work property from inside your firewall.

The process entails five steps:

  1. You sign up/enroll for the occupant satisfaction survey.
  2. You review the template we provide and identify revisions you want. Provide a list of your site/building names to include in survey.
  3. We customize your survey as directed with your site and building names, the questions that you wish to ask, and add your logo to the top of the survey so your occupants understand it is for your organization. (Extensive customization may have an additional fee.)
  4. You e-mail your occupants a link to the survey (as many and as frequently as you wish).
  5. You login with a secure link to view the results in the interactive report we create.  You can export to PowerPoint/PDF to distribute internally.



Need a Custom Occupant Satisfaction Survey?

Facility Issues can modify or develop a survey to meet your unique needs if you require extensive revisions or a special survey. Contact us to learn more.