FM Metrics Workshops

Do you want a jump start on using your facility data more easily and effectively?

Do these objectives apply to your / your staff?

  • Make the best use of the data already available to you.
  • Spend less time copy and pasting data together to make it useful.
  • Get a quick overview of key data concepts because you are new to facility metrics.
  • Learn how to identify the facility metrics of most value to your situation.
  • Effectively manage your facility data even if you are not a trained analyst.
  • Make better use of your benchmarking activities (or get started).

Our workshops overview the key data concepts, explain how to approach your benchmarking or scorecard activity, and provide tips on how to reduce your data processing time to just minutes per month and end up with more useful results.  See more information about each workshop for details.


Workshops for those who organize facility data for their group:

Workshops for those who use facility data for management and planning:


Why Participate in a Facility Issues Metrics Workshop?

Our workshops provide a framework for how to use more detailed knowledge and skills as applied to facility management metrics, specifically with tips for getting started right away on benchmarking, scorecards, and/or facility planning.

There are many course and training sessions on data processing, statistics, and related topics available.  Our focus is to cover the key concepts and an approach to working with facility-related data specifically for facility managers and staff so you can get started quickly with less false starts.  Then, you can then get additional training or support by us or others as needed.

We specialize in working with facility managers to help them gain insight from their data.  We provide benchmarking programs, scorecard creation services, and facility planning services, so these workshops are based on our experience in using FM related data in our years of professional practice.

Most organizations already have and use Microsoft Office, so we use the Power Query functions within MS Excel and Power BI in our workshops.

While the workshops complement each other, each is designed as a stand-alone session so you can select the one that best applies to your current situation and needs.  Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a workshop for just your organization.


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