2018 Benchmarking Program Updates

We made some significant changes this year, making it easier than ever to assemble and enter your data and interact with the report data to gain useful insights.

  1. The website is now mobile responsive so you can read articles or even review your data on tablets or smartphones (full disclosure: the small screen is pretty challenging for some things).
  2. You can now enter your data into an Excel template and upload it into the system (all at once or by section as completed) with just a couple clicks of the button.  The online forms remain and you can still use those to review and edit your data.
  3. We have implemented the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence tool for reporting.  This year is a beta test of that platform, with the traditional reports still available.  Please send me your comments and suggestions as you use this!

If you did not attend one of the Q&A webinars, see the various reference documents we have provided to help your and your staff use the website, templates, and reporting tool.