Facility Reliability, Resiliency, & Contingency Planning

Both the winter 2023 EUG and WUG meetings had recent and specific case studies on weather-related impacts to facilities and business operations. In this industry, we all have a range of preparation such as facility power redundancy, resilience planning, storm plans, emergency response plans, business continuity plans, etc.

Please take a few minutes to share your practices, new ideas and any lessons learned on how to provide more resilient, reliable, facilities and maintain operations during outages. (As usual, you will get a copy of the results and go to this month's shared practice meeting registration page upon completion)

We understand that there is overlap in content and terminology used for Reliability, Resiliency, & Contingency Planning, and a continuum from normal operation/security to facility impairment but we are not going to try to resolve that here. Provide the best answers you can for the "working definitions" provided for each of these as an exercise to gain insight from how we are all approaching these issues.

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