Systems, Metrics, & Cost Savings

This month's survey is a bit of a hybrid (sorry about that) to avoid asking you to fill out multiple surveys.

It should still only take you 5-10 minutes to complete so please participate. As usual, everyone who completes the survey gets the results (in this case it might be multiple documents). Upon completion, you will be taken to this month's shared practice meeting registration page.

1. This first question is to update our use of technology from the 2021 survey to identify trends. show/hide

2. This question is to identify if there are any emerging metrics that we are not already benchmarking, and the level of interest in selected KPIs, show/hide

3. This question is background for the discussion at the upcoming March Shared Practice meeting since cost management is back on the agenda for many companies. show/hide

4. Some information about you show/hide