We are all facing an array of "green initiatives" related to our facilities and facility operations. How do you stand on adopting sustainable building practices and addressing sustainability across your facilities portfolio?

Your participation in this survey will be used to draft a baseline on sustainability activity that will be shared with anyone who participates and allow us to encourage discussion on the issues we face. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire.

1. Does your organization have an adopted standard for the level of sustainability of your facilities or facilities operations? show/hide


2. What determines the sustainable practices/standards that you implement at your facilities? (Please check all that apply) show/hide


3. To what degree are the following sustainability rating systems, programs, and standards used at your organization? show/hide

4. To what degree do you measure and manage your usage of the following? show/hide


5. Who is responsible for setting direction, providing technical expertise, and reporting on facility-related sustainability measures in your organization? show/hide

6. Where do you get your information about sustainability topics? (Please check all that apply) show/hide

7. What are the anticipated areas of concern or new issues that you expect to face in the near future related to sustainability? show/hide

8. Some information about you: show/hide



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