Do You Have a Critical Facility?

There are all types of critical facilities from data centers to emergency/operations centers to those that care for people or protect artifacts.

Take our short quiz to find out if you have a critical facility

None of this data is submitted or saved; based on your answers, you will get an assessment upon submit.

If the security of your facility is compromised, what would be the potential impact?
Contents of the facility would be at risk but it is an insurable business risk.
Valuable materials within the facility would be at risk resulting in large financial loss.
Materials within the facility present a potential hazard to the community or environment if "released."
Access by unauthorized persons present potential hazard to a critical public infrastructure or data system.

What would happen if the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, ppm air quality) in your facility failed?
It would be a bother and disruptive during daily operations, or hardly noticed off-hours.
Operations within the facility would need to be restarted resulting in large financial loss.
Expensive objects stored/produced in the facility would be damaged or lost.
Irreplaceable objects stored in the facility would be compromised within hours.

Does loss of your facility warrant a business continuity plan that you invoke:
Longer than 24 hours or no plan is in place.
Within 48 hours.
Within 60 minutes.

How does the facility support your organization's key operations?
Facility is one of many in our system; downtime is inconvenient and has some financial impacts.
Facility supports unique functions for our organization, unplanned downtime is temporarily disruptive.
Facility is essential to our organization mission when it operates; downtime is expensive.
Facility is required to operate 24x7 to support our organization's mission.