Is Facility Benchmarking for You?

Benchmarking is the process of comparing your own organization, operations, or processes against other organizations in your industry or in the broader marketplace.

Take our short quiz to find out if benchmarking is right for you

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Why are you interested in benchmarking?
We want to learn what industry leaders are doing and do the same.
My boss/director/board wants to know we are performing as well as others.
We suspect we have opportunities for improvement in some areas and would like to quantify that.
We constantly look for ways to improve our standard practices and processes.

Does your organization embrace continous improvement programs?
Our organization usually only undertakes improvement initiatives when processes are broken.
Our organization wants to be competitive and supports proven initiatives.
Our organization wants to be an industry leader and undertakes selected improvement intiatives.
Our organization wants to be THE industry leader and supports most intiatives to improve performance.

Do you know how your facility performance compares with others in your industry?
We are not sure.
We think our performance is reasonable based on periodic comparison with available industry information such as facility costs.
Yes, and we regularly compare selected measures and review our practices.
Yes, and we regularly report status vs.industry and internal progress to an oversight group

Do you have facility related data and metrics?
We do not regularly track any facility metrics.
We only track and report selected metrics such as costs.
We have many facility metrics that are tracked and reported on a regular basis, i.e. monthly.
We track and report a full range of facility metrics along with some KPIs that measure facility impact on business mission.

How would you use information that identifies gaps in your facility performance?
We may not share the information because our management would be unhappy about it.
We would share the information with our team to identify potential improvement opportunities.
We would review and assess opportunities, and use the data to obtain support for improvement measures from management.
We would immediately review the data, assess the opportunities, and implement improvement measures.