Energy Benchmarking Program

We do include energy benchmarking as part of all our facility benchmarking programs, but if you are not ready for a paid program, start with these free energy-related options.

Free Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Benchmarking

EUI is one of the key facility metrics related to both sustainability and cost management.  Energy EUI is one of the key facility metrics related to both sustainability and cost management.  Energy efficient facilities have lower utility costs and a lower carbon footprint. Facility Issues provides free energy benchmarking programs. This is an easy and anonymous program for any size organization and a great way for you to use a simple metric for both cost and sustainability performance.  We are offering this free to let you see how our programs work and hope you will consider participating in one of the more complete facility benchmarking options.

Energy Use Intensity benchmarking requires only two main data items: your energy use (by type for your different types such as electricity, natural gas) and your gross floor area.  We will also ask some other classification questions such as type of institution and location for administrative purposes.

Enroll Online Now!

(There is no cost to participate in our energy benchmarking program, but we need you to register as a real person submitting authentic data and agree to the terms and conditions.)

Download the EUI Benchmarking Worksheet to make sure you have the data you will need.



Energy Star Benchmarking with Portfolio Manager

More and more cities and jurisdictions are starting to require cultural institutions to participate in the free energy benchmarking programs, such as the programed offered by Energy Star benchmarking program (US and CA).  Facility Issues can help if you are not already doing this – use the form below to contact us.