Critical Facilities

Critical Facilities Benchmarking Program

Critical facility benchmarking helps you assess your reliability maintenance operations.

See how you compare on your reliability maintenance work mix, staffing ratio and overall facility maintenance costs with our critical facilities benchmarking program.

Managers of critical facilities have all the normal concerns of facilities management: systems/equipment maintenance, daily facility operations, occupant satisfaction, and budget management.  In addition, there is increased emphasis on the reliability of the facility systems to support critical operations without undesired downtime.

What are Critical Facilities?

Critical Facilities include any building where downtime in the facility infrastructure presents a problem to the organization mission in terms of security, safety, public health, asset preservation, mission capability, or even major economic impact to the organization.  This includes many facilities within the critical infrastructure sectors.

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About this group…

This benchmarking group is for anyone manages a critical facility or is responsible for their maintenance, budget, and operational reliability.  Participants find the benchmarking program to be easy, affordable, understandable, and relatively quick to complete

What the program includes…

The structured benchmarking survey is run annually.  Participants complete the survey, Facility Issues reviews the data, answers questions, and compiles the results. The final data and results are provided in a summary report and interactive online scorecard.

A one-half day Best Practices Workshop will be held immediately prior to the Critical Facilities Summit conference.  This workshop will include a summary presentation of the results and interactive discussion of best practices and questions by the participants. Registration for one person to both the workshop and conference is included as part of the benchmarking program to encourage general networking among those who manage critical facilities.

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The program benefits…

The program provides both tangible and intangible benefits to participants.  The benchmarking report provides a quantitative comparison of your facility operation and performance with other critical facility types.  These results identify where you are performing well and where there are potential opportunities for improvement.  Our reports have been used by benchmarking participants to identify cost savings, justify proposed changes in staffing and budgets, and support initiatives for new practices.

The workshop and summit provide you with an opportunity to meet and network with your peers to learn and share best practices and state of the art processes and products.  This includes hearing other’s experience in applying these practices so you can select and adapt your initiatives for better success.

How it works…

We start with a common set of definitions that have been used over many years of benchmarking facility performance in various industries. Each year, these are clarified, and the topics of interest are adjusted as needed. The program is adapted to address the topics of most interest to group members.

Participants enter their data into a secure web form or Excel data template that uploaded to our system.   There is online help and phone support as required to obtain data that is as consistent as possible.    A progress review is done to identify any likely data quality issues, and we contact participants about any questionable data.

The results are made available to participants in an online business intelligence reporting tool.  Standard pages of table and charts are provided, and participants can further refine the results by selecting data filters such as type of facility or geographic area.  Each participant is assigned an ID code to keep participant’s data anonymous but allow you identify where your facility(s) fall in the report.

The standard report is reviewed at the one-half day Best Practices Workshop, along with Q&A on the reporting tool.  The workshop also includes a “town hall” session where participants can discuss and share best practices in a face-to-face setting.

What we benchmark…

We benchmark facility-related costs of operation, reliability metrics, and other topics of interest to the group as identify by participants and the steering committee.  Additional “demographic” and practices data is collected to allow reporting to be segmented by type of facility, industry, geography or best practice.