Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets monthly by teleconference to provide direction in the benchmarking process.  Its goal is to facilitate best-in-class performance, improve customer satisfaction ratings and cost structures, and promote environmental stewardship for utilities.

The Committee is always looking for ways to improve and add value to the benchmarking program. Other key objectives for the steering committee are to:

  • Adjust and update the benchmarking survey
  • Assist in identifying new participants
  • Provide suggestions in the format and layout of report
  • Provide guidance and ideas that help add value to the meetings

Members of the Steering Committee include:

  • Robert Lambe, Facility Issues
  • Cindy Bell, TVA
  • Angela Carrasco, APS
  • Sean Cullinan, PSEG
  • Alison Cucullu, Entergy
  • Erin Kelly, Hydro One
  • Peter Remick, PG&E
  • Tom McDermott, Eversource
  • Donna Morgan, AEP
  • Bob Simm, FPL
  • Dawn Lee Smith, TVA
  • Rich Reyes, ComEd
  • Tony Tiderington, DTE