Shared Practices Surveys

Shared practice surveys are “mini-surveys” with just a few questions on a topic or interest or concern to facility managers that is not contained in our regular benchmarking programs.  The advantage of these vs. chat boards is that we present the results as a report so even when the response is low it is easy to use the results with your leadership.

Shared practice surveys are typically prepared on request of a utility benchmarking participant but you do not need to be enrolled in any of our programs to participate in them. If you are on our mailing list you will receive an email invitation to participate when surveys come out. Everyone who participates receives a copy of the results if they provide their email address in the survey.  From time to time we add summary results of some surveys below.

Currently Open Surveys

Each survey typically runs for 2-3 weeks, but some are ongoing. Please participate in any topics related to your area of work and ignore the others.

Recent Survey Reports

The following reports are the result of some surveys recently completed or with recurring interest (year updated is shown).  The versions posted here do not have any respondent contact info.