Service Center Location Benchmarking

We are offering a new location benchmarking program to help you understand how well your service centers are located. (Service centers are the headquarters for field work supporting the utility network and customers, sometimes called operation centers, regional headquarters, or other names.)  At nearly every utility we have visited or worked with it seems that service centers seem antiquated, under/over sized, worn out, or not functioning very well to meet the business needs of the operating group.

Before you make investments to restore/improve the condition of these important and unique facilities, don’t you want to be confident that they are in the right locations?

Why Location Benchmarking (Service Center Travel Time)?

By benchmarking travel time for the crews you will be able to compare how well your service centers are located, compared to others. An important part of service centers is their location relationship with the field service area. Leading utilities are optimizing the number and location of service centers to balance customer service and cost management.

By utilizing travel times and workload modeling, from meter locations, service center location benchmarking can help you with your facility planning:

  • to support the need for a new service center location.
  • to identify the need to consolidate existing service centers.
  • support the business case to make needed facility upgrades (invest in current locations).
  • provide operating groups with optimum trip time modeled staffing levels by service center.
  • rate case applications justifying new facilities or facility consolidation programs

How we perform the benchmarking

This information has previously only been available as a part of long range service center planning consulting assignments. This benchmarking provides a much more affordable option for you to quantify the value of your service centers’ location and understand how you compare with industry peers to determine if such a planning study is required.

We do a custom analysis with your data and then compare the results with our similar historical data from studies for other utility companies.  The nature of this program is that all participants’ data is anonymous. You receive a custom report with your data and the comparison.

Service Center Location Benchmarking Example Report

Example Report

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