IFMA Utility Council

The Utilities Council is one of the Councils of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).  IFMA is a professional organization for facility managers and membership is by individual.  The Utilities Council is the oldest vertical industry group within IFMA and provides networking for facility managers who work in the utility industry.

The primary purpose of the Council is to:

  • share and develop knowledge among members
  • facilitate best in class performance
  • identify best practices that improve service and provide high customer satisfaction ratings,
  • improve the cost performance, and
  • promote environmental stewardship for utilities which include electric, gas, water, and telecommunications companies.

The Utilities Council endorses the Utility Facility Benchmarking Program by Facility Issues which grew out of an effort that was sponsored by one of the utility members.  Traditionally a large percentage of the Utilities Council members participate in one of the benchmarking activities. The Facility Issues program membership is by company and is separate from any IFMA activity.

Utilities Council members meet each year in the spring (Wed-Thu-Fri at host utility) and in the fall just before World Workplace (Sun-Mon prior to WWP).  The location of the spring meeting is typically at a host utility and the location of the fall meeting is typically in the same city as IFMA’s World Workplace.

In addition to the Utility Council Meetings, Facility Issues’ Utility Benchmarking Program includes eastern utility group (EUG) and western utility group (WUG) meetings in the winter and summer. These meetings are typically held at the office of a utility participating in the benchmarking program.  The purpose of these meetings are to provide additional regional networking opportunities and discuss specific benchmarking related topics.


For more information visit the IFMA Utility Council Website.