IFMA Utilities Council: Benchmarking Recommendations

Participant recommendations for joining the IFMA Utilities Council benchmarking program…

“Benchmarking is a tool for continuous improvement, and provides insight on how we’re doing internally as well as against our external peers. By measuring ourselves regularly, we stay focused on providing efficient and effective service, controlling costs, and improved working conditions. Using data from the IFMA Utilities Council Benchmarking Study and Western Utility Council, we’ve improved our facility maintenanceIMG_1253 notification process, added depth to our cost collection methods, and improved clients visibility to cost drivers.” —Trudi Miller, Southern California Edison

“APS has adopted the Facilities Benchmarking comparative process for a sustainable Facilities Management platform. We will continue to participate in the process towards constant Facilities improvement and budget analysis.” —Jay Buffkin, APS Real Estate & Facilities Management

“I have utilized the IFMA benchmarking process to justify/right size staffing levels. In addition, the IFMA benchmarking data has been a valuable resource in evaluating strategies around outsourcing and in-sourcing functions within the Facilities Management organization.” —Thomas R. McDermott, Facilities Operations, Northeast Utilities Service Company