RFB Participation Options

There are two participation options so your organization can participate in the program that best fits your needs.

Standard Program Meetings Only
Our traditional benchmarking program For those who only want to attend the monthly virtual networking meetings
Details Details
Self Service Web forms and Excel templates
Benchmarking data for your organization’s research campus, metrics, and best practices
Online meetings and workshops
Annual Benchmarking workshop
Online meetings and workshops
Multi-Year & GSA Discounts
New Participant & Affiliate Org Discounts
Online & phone support
Shared Practice Surveys Shared Practice Surveys
$US 1,200 /Year $US 425 /Year
Enroll Enroll
Enroll New Participant (Discount)

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Additional Services for Research Facility Managers

Facility Issues provides other services related to benchmarking and facility metrics:

  • Non participant attendance at annual best practices conference – Each year a member hosts a 2-day meeting with facility tours, presentations, discussion of benchmarking data/results, and open question/answer session on current issues facing the participants.
  • FM Scorecard (custom scorecard for your facility operation)
  • Occupant Satisfaction Survey
  • Something Else? Use the form below if you would like custom benchmarking support or facility analytical services .