RFB Practices & Networking Meetings

Traditionally a participant has hosted an annual networking meeting (and facility tours) to allow staff from participating companies to share best practices, network with peers, develop professionally/be mentored, and benchmark data/practices.  These meetings have high participation levels because the smaller group format allows a lot of interaction, and the facility tours are always of interest.

Virtual Networking Meetings

The challenges in both hosting and attending on-site meetings in 2020 resulted in Facility Issues scheduling monthly web meetings for 2021 since it is likely than many participants will not have travel authorization or visitor limitations limiting the options for our regular on-site meeting.

These online meetings and workshops will allow an opportunity for networking, discussion of best practices, and some technical content throughout the year. Even if you are not interested in benchmarking, consider joining the networking meeting only program.

These are virtual meetings, not webinars – there may be some prepared content but these are opportunities to network and share with your peers: approach to the meeting topic, lessons learned, questions, and general discussion.  These events will use the Microsoft Teams platform and we will keep each meeting to 1 hour except as otherwise agreed. The typical agenda is:

  • topic or theme which will be the initial subject of discussion,
  • 1-2 mini-presentation* by sponsor or participant (related to topic),
  • general town hall time (anyone can ask the group a question and share their experiences)

*As part of the benchmarking program, all participants are encouraged to share a mini-presentation during at least one of the meetings.  (These are 10-20 minute presentation, case study, virtual facility tour, or sharing of something of interest going on at your organization/facility that take little or no effort for you to prepare.) Sessions are typically not recorded to allow for free discussion, but any prepared content will be made available as possible.

Shared Practices & Networking Meetings – Schedule and Tentative Topics

All meetings will be on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm ET unless otherwise noted.  Use the form below to “register” or find the meeting invite in the member area.  Here are the tentative topics – subject to revision based on interest and steering committee input!

Date Topic
Feb Program refinement and facility reopening issues
Mar Facility Software Systems: What are we using and how? (CAFM, CMMS, IWMS, BMS, EMS, BIM, Asset Mgmt, Capital Planning, Space Reservation, etc.)
Apr Power BI examples by ORNL
Discuss KPIs of interest for research facility planning and management, Tools and tips for getting started
May Intelligent Campus update by NREL
Jun Condition Assessments: lessons learned, how to leverage the data, maintain ongoing FCI and risk register by CNL
Discuss alternative approaches for asset management
Jul How do we use our facility data for better Cultural Facility operations, management, and planning – Town Hall discussion
Aug  Workforce transition, recruiting, retention, implementation of automation in FM
Sep Sharing ideas and best practices/clever uses of facility systems: CMMS, CAFM, BAS, IWMS, etc.
Oct Environmental Sensors – Use cases, calibration and management – Justin Walsh Vaisala & General Town Hall
Nov ESG initiatives impacting facility management, operations, and reporting.


Meeting Registration

The meetings are open to all staff from organizations participating in our research benchmarking or networking programs – use the form below to register up to 1 week in advance.  (Scheduled topics are listed by date, unscheduled ones are listed to gauge level of interest.)