Participants respond to the question, “What was good about your benchmarking experience?”

“All of it… presentations, town hall, hot topic open discussions, tours” —Norm Bobcynski, Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory

“Networking (including town hall discussions), walk throughs provide opportunity for discussion and visualization of topics for discussion” —Lynn Eberhardt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

“Tours were great. Time for discussion of hot topics. It’s nice that all of presentations, photos, and notes are available on the website so the audience can concentrate on the presentation instead of taking notes.” —Robert, J. Einspar Argonne National Lab

“General discussion of issues and tours, review of latest technology” —Bill R. Kohout Teledyne Scientific & Imaging LLC

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our interactions and believe the RFB Network is a very value added group” —Gayle McGannon, Corning