End of Budget Year Promotions

Facility Issues tries to provide good value and useful services to our clients.  We understand that sometimes there are funds left at the end of budget year presenting you with an unplanned opportunity to take advantage of our programs and services.  Here are some promotions for the balance of 2019:

Enroll in any 2020 benchmarking program before December 31 and receive a 5% discount – get value in 2020 from available funds in 2019. Use coupon code “2019q4” if you enroll online or contact us if you need an invoice to put into your A/P system.

Sign up for any facility data/metrics support (Have you been putting this off?):

  • Assistance with assembling and entering your data in one of our benchmarking programs (can be a 2019 program with option to continue in 2020).
  • Custom training sessions for your staff on facility metrics, benchmarking, and/or PowerBI reporting.
  • Develop custom templates to take the data from your own systems and organized it into a facilities scorecard with data and metrics suitable for variance reporting, benchmarking, or other reports.  The templates can make preparation of monthly reports possible in less than an hour.

These support services are available until we are booked up since most organizations will require them to be substantially complete by your last day of the budget year.  Contact us now to schedule a free consultation (please suggest a available time) to define the services you need and establish price and schedule.


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