About Us

Facility Issues is a consulting firm that specializes in providing benchmarking services to clients throughout the world.

Although we work with a diverse range of benchmarking groups, all of our clients have the same goal: to improve their performance and reduce costs.

We focus on delivering metrics and identifying best practices using an integrated, web-based system for collecting benchmarking data. In addition to cost surveys, we conduct performance surveys to help our clients identify areas of concern, items needing improvement, and areas where your organization may be over-performing / over-delivering services. We not only distribute the results to clients digitally but we also present them at “best practices meetings” and conference, where participants can share information and enjoy the benefits of one-on-one interaction with each other.

Facility Issues currently manages benchmarking groups for Museums & Cultural Institutions, Research Facilities, Utilities, and Facility Managers.

Facility Issues believes that benchmarking is the path to continuous improvement. The best organizations today, our role models, use benchmarking well.