Government Agency Options

Facility Issues offers a GSA Schedule for the following facility benchmarking programs and facility metrics services. If you cannot find these in the GSA schedule, please contact us.

Facility Benchmarking Programs

Core Metrics Program

This is the simplest and most affordable facility benchmarking program and is suitable for any size organization. It includes key facility operation metrics, and the small set of data required is feasible even for smaller organizations or those just starting to benchmark.

Museums & Cultural Institutions

This benchmarking group is designed for those who manage facilities for museums and cultural institutions. Over 130 institutions from nine countries have participated since the group started. The survey is endorsed by IAMFA, the International Association of Museum Facility Administrators. The standard program includes a full set of facility-related benchmarking topics as well as a workshop at the annual conference, with a core metrics option for smaller institutions.

Research Facilities

This program is intended for those who manage research facilities. Participants in this group have included several of US DOE labs. Government, corporate, and academic organizations, and tend to have larger, complex facilities such as labs on a mixed-use campus. This program includes a full set of facility-related benchmarking topics as well as and annual meeting to tour facilities of the meeting host.

Utilities Council

This is the benchmarking group of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Utilities Council. Active since 1995, the IFMA Utilities Council was created to share and develop knowledge among facility managers of electric, gas, water, and telecommunications companies. Benchmarking participants gather and share data and best practices related to managing utility company facilities.

Facility Metric Services

Facility Occupant Surveys

Use our ready to go facility satisfaction survey to ask the occupants of your facility to rate the importance and satisfaction with the services you / your contractor provide.  Some organizations require their facility manager to obtain a minimum level of occupant satisfaction.  Just refine our standard template, send an email to your employees with a link we provide, and view the results.

Facility Benchmarking Services

We understand that you may need additional support if you are just getting started, do not have support staff, or even during busy years. We can provide assistance to help you assemble and organize the appropriate data from your finance and other systems and help you setup a process that allows you to then easily do this yourself going forward.

Facility Data and Scorecard Services

You can have the advantages of an integrated set of facility metrics using available data tools without spending a lot of time each month or a six-digit investment in software systems. Integrating your facility data is much easier and less expensive than integrating your various systems and provides you with the benefits of a central data repository. This can be especially valuable if you manage multiple properties.

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