Introduction to FM Metrics for Benchmarking

Who Should Participate?

The Introduction to FM Metrics for Benchmarking workshop is intended for those who assemble the data for their facility department, for use in benchmarking, scorecards, or other reporting.

This workshop will cover the value of metrics, issues commonly associated with pulling together facility data, and using the Power Query functions in Microsoft Excel to organize and clean the data.  The final module is hands-on with your own data to create an initial data template you can use for Facility Issues Benchmarking, Energy Star benchmarking, monthly reports or any other use of facility data.

Workshop Modules:

  • Overview & Introductions – Overview of the workshop objectives and participant introductions.
  • FM Metrics that Matter – How to identify facility metrics that matter to your organization. Understanding data measures and selecting metrics useful in documenting our situation or indicating our performance
  • Working with Your FM Related Data – Identifying data sources of potential value and understanding principles to keep in mind when working with data.
  • Assembling Your Data with Power Query – Introduction to using the Power Query function in Excel to assemble data from various sources and restructure it.
  • Shaping Data with Power Query – Review of some key functions of Power Query to “clean” source data to be useful for benchmarking and scorecards.
  • Hands-on: Setup a Data Collection Template – Learn to setup your benchmarking data collection templates. Hands-on session with some of your own data to create your first template file using the approach in this workshop.

Workshop Organization and Requirements

These workshops are offered as two half-day virtual meetings.   Each workshop has six modules that are about an hour each: 20-minute presentation 15-minute exercise, 20-minute discussion and 5- minute stretch break.

Group sizes are kept small to allow for sufficient interaction among workshop participants, and custom question/answer help discussions.  We use Zoom or the session (or MS Teams for specific dates only based upon participant needs).


Qualified Attendee:

  • Staff member of an internal facilities group (prior permission required if FM consultant or contractor)
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • Commitment to attend and participate in the full session.

Who works with Facility Data for my organization:

  • Familiarity with your facility data to understand its sources and nature.
  • Enough understanding of statistics for your work (statistic training is not needed or included).
  • Copy of any current benchmarking data sheet you use (for your use).
  • Copy of your facility source data files to use in the Hands-on session.

With suitable Computer and Software:

  • Licensed Microsoft Excel (2016 or newer, preferably Office 365).
  • 2 monitors suggested if possible.

Registration Fees:

We will email an invoice with confirmation of your registration and the workshop date (we may offer an alternative time if session is full).

  • $380 Standard registration
  • $342 GSA rate (government employees)
  • $190 Employees of participating benchmarking organizations

Upcoming Workshop Sessions:

TBD – Scheduled based on demand
From 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT / 9:00 am to 12:00 pm PDT

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