Intermediate FM Metrics for Scorecards

Who Should Participate?

The Intermediate FM Metrics for Scorecards workshop is intended for those who want to integrate facility data from multiple sources in a dashboard or scorecard.

This workshop will cover the difference between dashboards and scorecards, alternative data visualizations, and setup of a data model and measures to build and integrated data report (scorecard) with Power BI.  The final module is hands-on with your own data to create a simple facility scorecard with your facility data.

Workshop Modules:

  • Overview & Introductions – Overview of the workshop objectives and participant introductions.
  • About Dashboards & Scorecards – Understand the difference between dashboards and scorecards (and why this workshop is focused on scorecards).
  • Visualizing Your Data – Identify the types of charts to display your data for different purposes and understand how to layout your scorecard to communicate effectively.
  • Organize Your Data with a Power BI Model – Introduction to Power BI, review of the similarity to Power Query for restructuring data, and overview of the data model concepts.
  • Creating Interactive Visualizations with Power BI – How to create measures (data calculations) in Power BI needed for dynamic charts. Review of some key functions of Power BI for data visualizations.
  • Hands-on: Create a Facility Scorecard – Use Power BI to create a report. Hands-on session with some of your own data to create your first facility scorecard using the lessons from this workshop.

Workshop Organization and Requirements

These workshops are offered as two half-day virtual meetings in 2021.   Each workshop has six modules that are about an hour each: 20-minute presentation 15-minute exercise, 20-minute discussion and 5- minute stretch break.

Group sizes are kept small to allow for sufficient interaction among workshop participants, and custom question/answer help discussions.  We use Zoom (and/or MS Teams) for the session based upon participant needs.


Qualified Attendee:

  • Staff member of an internal facilities group (prior permission required if FM consultant or contractor)
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • Familiarity with Power Query (such as experience or attendance of Introduction to FM Metrics Workshop)
  • Commitment to attend and participate in the full session.

I work with Facility Data for my organization:

  • Familiarity with your facility data to understand its sources and nature.
  • Enough understanding of statistics for your work (statistic training is not needed or included).
  • Copy of any current benchmarking data sheet or scorecard you use (for your use).
  • Copy of your facility source data files to use in the Hands-on session.

Suitable Computer and Software:

  • Licensed Microsoft Excel (2016 or newer, preferably Office 365).
  • 2 monitors suggested if possible.

Registration Fees:

We will email an invoice with confirmation of your registration and the workshop date (we may offer an alternative time if session is full).

  • $380 General registration
  • $340 GSA rate (government employees)
  • $190 Employees of participating benchmarking organizations

Upcoming Workshop Sessions:

TBD – Scheduled based on demand
From 1:00 am to 4:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am to 1:00 pm PDT

Registration Form:


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