Facility Benchmarking Services

Facility Issues wants every organization to be able to participate in facility benchmarking programs so we provide a range of facility benchmarking services and support. We discussed why leading organizations participate in facility benchmarking programshow the benchmarking process works, how you can use benchmarking results to improve your facilities and operations, and the facility benchmarking programs offered by Facility Issues.

Facility Benchmarking Services Included in Benchmarking Programs

Facility Issues fully supports your participation in our benchmarking programs. Each program has a designated contact person leading it who is available to answer your questions about logistics, data definitions, metrics, interpretation of the results, or any other part of the program.

The following support services are included with all our facility benchmark service programs:

  • Technical support of the benchmarking system and templates.
  • General review of data submitted.
  • Webinars to get started and review results.
  • Tips and guide documents.
  • Shared practices surveys.

Some of our facility benchmarking programs also include:

Additional Facility Benchmark Services Available to Help you Make the Most of Your Facility Benchmark Program

We understand that you may need additional support if you are just getting started, do not have support staff, or even during busy years. We can provide assistance to help you assemble and organize the appropriate data from your finance and other systems and help you setup a process that allows you to then easily do this yourself going forward:

  • Data preparation – assembly/compilation services (on-site or remote).
  • Assistance with data assembly and entry (on-site or online).
  • Templates and training.
  • Review results with your staff (on-site or online).
  • Make recommendations based on the results.
  • Provide custom internal benchmarking study.

Additional Related Facility Benchmark Services

We also provide related services to help you assemble and use facility data and metrics to support all aspects of your facility management and operations:

  • Occupant Satisfaction Services – Our facility satisfaction surveys ask the occupants of your facility to rate the importance and satisfaction with the services you provide.
  • Facility Data & Scorecard Services – Facility Issues offers facility scorecard services to help you setup and use your facility metrics
  • Ongoing Ad-Hoc Facility Metric Support – Facility Issues provides ongoing support for organizations that want some facility analyst capabilities without having to hire and train staff.
  • Custom Facility Studies – Facility Issues provides consulting studies for organizations evaluating their facilities portfolio or facilities operations using various facility metrics. Examples have included:
    • Facility staffing study
    • Outsource facility provider study
    • Preliminary space needs forecast
    • Strategic facility assessment for capital planning

Your next steps:

Enroll in a facility benchmarking program now if you don’t need any assistance.

Determine what facility benchmark services support you may need (if any) to get started and contact us for more information.