Services Provided by Facility Issues

Facility Issues wants every organization to be able to use their facility data, metrics, and benchmarking for day-to-day facility management and their strategic facility planning.

A range of facility benchmarking and FM data services are offered, depending upon your needs.

Facility Management Benchmarking

Our benchmarking programs follow the described benchmarking process to provide you with useful comparisons or your facility/operations performance. The core Benchmarking Programs are the space/cost/reliability benchmarking surveys and reports offered in the Facility Round Table or the identified industry groups. Basic benchmarking assistance such as training on the survey and answering questions is included with the program.

Occupant Satisfaction Surveys

Some organizations run regular occupant satisfaction surveys as part of measuring their performance.  The use of these surveys range from periodic (every 5 years, before/after major building move), to annual to quarterly as part of staff performance measures.

FM Scorecard / FM Metrics As A Service

Most facility organizations use multiple systems for finance, work orders, and other facility data and the assembly of this can be time-consuming.  Facility Issues can develop a monthly FM Scorecard approach that lets you draw on this data without needing a FM analyst. This is a convenient and cost effective way to start using data tools to visualize metrics and KPIs for your facilities and operations.

Best Practice Meetings

Best practice/networking meetings are held for most of our groups, as listed on the “Schedule & Events” submenu of each group page.

Data Assembly Assistance

Just getting started?  No staff available? We can provide assistance to help you find and “clean” the appropriate data from your finance and other systems, and setup a template that allows you to then easily do it yourself on a recurring basis.

Shared Practices Surveys

We poll facility managers on specific facility operation issues not included in the regular benchmarking, where they can share their practices on particular topics of interest (i.e. office standards).  The results of the Shared Practices Surveys are shared in mini-reports.

Custom, Internal Benchmarking Programs

For organizations with multiple facilities, it can be valuable to perform an internal benchmarking exercise as part of (or even instead of) peer group benchmarking.  The best opportunities for improvement/reduction are those “outliers” within your facility portfolio. We can use our system and expertise to help you accomplish this quickly and effectively.

Consulting Studies

Facility Issues provides consulting studies for organizations evaluating their facilities portfolio or facilities operations. Contact us to discuss your project.


Download an overview of these services: Overview of Benchmarking and FM Metrics Programs.pdf