Facility Benchmarking Programs

Facility Issues offers facility benchmarking programs for several industry groups:

Museums & Cultural Institutions

This benchmarking group is designed for those who manage facilities for museums and cultural institutions. Over 130 institutions from nine countries have participated since the group started. The survey is endorsed by IAMFA, the International Association of Museum Facility Administrators.

Utilities Council

This is the benchmarking group of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Utilities Council. Active since 1995, the IFMA Utilities Council was created to share and develop knowledge among facility managers of electric, gas, water, and telecommunications companies. Benchmarking participants gather and share data and best practices related to managing utility company facilities.

Research Facilities

This group primarily represents those who manage research facilities, including several of the US DOE labs. Government, corporate, and academic organizations are all welcome to participate. Participants in this group tend to have larger, more complex facilities such as labs on a mixed use campus.

Critical Facilities

This benchmarking group is designed for managers of “critical” facilities – those that are always on 24×7 or mission-critical “can’t go down” buildings such as data centers, utility control centers, emergency service facilities, life care facilities, research labs, financial institutions, museums, transportation centers, power production, communication hubs, security centers, and manufacturing operations.  Many of the participants attend the Critical Facilities Summit where they share data and best practices on the operations of these important properties.

General Industry Facilities

The Facility Managers Round Table benchmarking program is suitable for all industries and includes a diverse set of companies and government agencies throughout the U.S. with office and manufacturing facilities.  Participants in this program have included 158 million square feet of space at 85 sites.

The Facility Managers Round Table Program includes a full set of facility-related benchmarking topics while the Core Facility Metrics Program has just a couple dozen items for smaller organizations and those just starting with benchmarking.

Private Facility Benchmarking Programs

Contact us if you would like us to run a private and affordable facility benchmarking program for you/your member organizations.  This might apply if:

  • you work with an industry association and would like to have a customized facility benchmarking program for your members,
  • if you are a facility service provider and want to offer benchmarking as a service to your clients,
  • if your organization has many facilities and would like a third party to organize and manage your internal benchmarking program.