Facility Occupant Surveys

These performance surveys ask the occupants of your facility to rate their satisfaction with the services you provide.

Our clients use them to…

  • Identify areas that need improvement
  • Identify areas where they may be over-performing or over-delivering services
  • Increase awareness about the services they provide

If most occupants of your facility have access to the Internet, these surveys are ideal.

Standard Occupant Surveys

Our standard survey is easy to implement and costs only $700 per site for an unlimited number of responses. The process entails five steps:

  1. We customize your survey so that it features your site and building names and includes only the services that you provide at the location.
  2. We coordinate with you to submit a few test surveys from inside your firewalls to ensure that they function properly.
  3. You e-mail your occupants a link to the survey so they can complete it.
  4. We collect the responses, analyze them, and prepare a report in Excel (XLS) format.
  5. We distribute the report to you after we receive your payment.

Custom Occupant Surveys

Some organizations require additional and/or different questions for their surveys. Facility Issues can develop a survey to meet your unique needs. Contact us to learn more.