Examples & Demos

This page contains some examples of the standard results for different services. Contact us with questions or to schedule a demo.

Benchmarking Report

The annual benchmarking reports contain from 200-300 pages of data tables and charts for a range of facility management categories: Space, Maintenance, Janitorial, Grounds, Security, Utilities, Environmental, Safety, Sustainability and other topical issues.

This is an example data collection screen – note that after items are completed, a green check appears to confirm the data has been saved:

Data Collection Screen

This is an example chart from the report:

Here is a sample of the types of content found in a benchmarking report.


Occupant Satisfaction Report

An occupant satisfaction survey contains a summary table of the responses to the questions, a couple charts (percent satisfied, satisfied vs. importance), and tables with individual comments submitted.


Best Practice Meeting

Agendas vary by meeting, see recent/current agendas in each benchmarking group section of this site.


FM Scorecard

This is a simple, interactive, example of the type of scorecard that will be available; customization can also incorporate of non-benchmark data for your organization.

FM Dashboard

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