Why Benchmark?

What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a continuous improvement process, and facility benchmarking is applying this traditional process improvement technique to your facility assets and/or facility operations. It is a very easy and affordable improvement technique to use.  You compare data about your organization/performance with others like you, and learn practices that help you improve results and reduce costs.  Benchmarking identifies best practices — in other words, practices that yield the best results for the least cost.

How can Facility Benchmarking benefit my organization?

The most tangible benefit of facility benchmarking is facility related cost savings, which can be significant. For example, our Research Facilities group saved more than $158 million over a 5-year period — an average of about $1.25 per square foot annually.

Most organizations participate in facility benchmarking for two primary reasons:

  1. To quantify how they stand.

Facility Benchmark data is most commonly viewed as a “scorecard” for some part of an organization, popularized by things like JD Power ratings.  Having comparison metrics is useful, whether you are trying to make a case for your position or just learning how you compare.

  1. To get better.

The real value of facility benchmarking is about the learning opportunities.  A good facility benchmarking program includes some networking with the other participants so you can discuss what is behind the numbers, learn the factors that contribute to better or worse performance, identify practices that you might be able to apply in your organization, and learn lessons from others on the best ways to implement those practices.

Benchmarking offers other benefits, too. It is a way to…

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Measure your effectiveness and improvement over time
  • Reduce costs and add value
  • Justify costs/investments
  • Continue to improve your operations
  • Document successful practices you have implemented
  • Challenge “business-as-usual” mindset
  • Learn from others so you can apply their techniques in your organization
  • Provide information for strategic planning
  • Establish achievable goals for further improvements
  • More reasons….

What do I need to start facility benchmarking?

The only thing you really need to start facility benchmarking is a desire to evaluate your current operation and learn alternatives from others.  We believe there are six steps in the process and you can (should) get value from each step, but some of our members only participate in the core benchmarking (metrics) or the meetings (networking & practices).

Our program is designed to be very easy and affordable, and we can help if you would like.

Our tips for successful facility benchmarking:

  • Be honest to yourself and others about your data.
  • Understand that you will be best in some, but not all, areas.
  • Be willing to learn continually.
  • Be open to learning from the mistakes and successes of others.
  • Make measuring and improving performance a priority.

Take our short quiz to see if facility benchmarking is right for you.

Organizations that implement regular facility benchmarking programs experience noticeable improvement/savings in their operations, and it is used by most successful organizations today.  Read more about the value of benchmarking…