KPIs and Facility Metrics

Benchmarking relies on figures so there is a close relationship between facility benchmarking and facility metrics, measures, and KPIs.

The Difference Between Facility Metrics and KPIs

Measures or measurements are the data about your facilities and operations.  These include things like gross square feet (GSF), total cost of maintenance activities, hours of operation, number of facility occupants, etc.  While important, they reflect quantity and do not always allow useful direct comparisons. The number of measures is only limited by the type and quantity of data that is available to you.

Facility metrics are the foundation of facility management benchmarking.  Metrics typically have a denominator to “normalize” the data for comparison: GSF per person, Annual Maintenance Cost per GSF, etc.  A relatively large number of facility metrics are handy to describe the various dimensions of your facility portfolio and facility operations.

KPIs are selected metrics that answer a key facility management question:  GSF per person could be a KPI if your organization wishes to understand and manage “How much space you have?” (where it is driven by the number of occupants).  A limited number of KPIs are suggested at any one time in order to allow management focus (everything cannot be equally important).

Ways That Facility Metrics are Used

There are two main ways that facility metrics are used: Dashboards and Scorecards.

Dashboards are sets of metrics that are used to guide facility operations, usually in real time.  Examples include things like equipment status, pressures, and temperatures.  Good dashboards present a limited amount of metrics in an intuitive way to facilitate understanding quickly (and appropriate action) even when the user is distracted.

Scorecards are sets of metrics that measure performance, by definition “after the fact.”  Examples of these are cost per GSF, percent of maintenance completed on schedule, and safety performance.  Benchmarking can be considered a type of scorecard, all of which should be used for learning to improve performance.