We are continuing the direction we have shared at the past several meetings of more fully integrating our benchmarking program with your ongoing facility metrics and increasing the usefulness of the results.

  1. Data is being collected by “content” type (rather than activity topic) to facilitate future enhancements enabling more automated data feeds from your source systems.
  2. Property data has been separated from organization/operations data.  This allows quick review/minimal update of organizational info that does not change annually and data collection by individual properties (to the degree you wish).
  3. Some of the legacy practices sections are being standardized across groups (i.e. food service) to allow broader comparisons; others will be removed from the cost survey and added as special practice surveys for topics that are of interest but which don’t change annually.

We continue to look for comments and suggestions about how to make the process simpler and the results more useful.  Take our survey to provide feedback.


Instructions for the program can be found here.


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