Steering Committee

Facility Managers Roundtable (FMRT) Steering Committee

The Facility Managers Roundtable (FMRT) Steering Committee meets monthly by teleconference to provide direction in the benchmarking program.

The Committee is always looking for ways to improve and add value to the benchmarking program. Many of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been added by Steering Committee Members. Other key objectives for the steering committee are to:

  • Adjust and update the benchmarking survey
  • Assist in identifying new participants
  • Provide suggestions in the format and layout of report
  • Add and continually update the Best Practices section of the report
  • Provide guidance and ideas that help add value to the  Best Practices Meeting agenda

Members of the FMRT Steering Committee include:

  • Robert Lambe, Facility Issues
  • Danny Davis, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Alison Flodin, Brookhaven National Laboratories
  • Deanna Monnin, Toyota Motor Eng. & Mfg. North America
  • Rich Reyes, ComEd
  • Seth Steib, Entergy