Done-4-U Facility Benchmarking

We understand that some cultural institutions want help with their data so they can more easily participate in the Cultural Institution Facility Benchmarking program.

The “Done-4-U” program includes all of the data, reporting, and networking of our standard Cultural Institution Facility Benchmarking programs, with assistance from Facility Issues in assembling, compiling and entering your data instead of doing it yourself.  We will also coach a staff person on this to help you develop the expertise in house, and provide an individual review session of the results.

This is an easy to accomplish option if:

  • you want Facility Issues to organize your data as an extension of your staff or develop your staff’s skills
  • you have data from CAFM, CMMS, IWMS, finance and other systems,
  • you/your staff can explain how to sort your facility costs by type (custodial, maintenance, etc.) on a virtual working session
  • you can review the data template once it is completed and complete the yes/no practices and other select from list questions,


Features of the Done-4-U Benchmarking Program

  • Easy to use self-service web forms and Excel template for data edit and download.
  • Access to all data items (Will complete as many as you provide data for, key data fields are identified)
  • Ability to enter multiple properties (If you have separate gallery/admin/other and track them that way)
  • Interactive business intelligence reporting for the results with access to all reports prepared for the year (An Executive Report with the key performance data, Data Exploration Reports allowing ad-hoc query of the data,  the Our Property Report with a summary of your data, and any other reports created during the year).
  • A call to review the benchmarking results with you
  • Online meetings and workshops.
  • Attendance for 1 at the Annual Benchmarking workshop (if conference is held)
  • Online and phone support by Facility Issues.
  • Affordable rate to participate
  • Multi-year and GSA discounts are available (for benchmarking subscription portion)
  • Discounted rate for first-time participants (for benchmarking subscription portion)


Before you can enroll in this program, we require a free 30-minute consultation to confirm that we will be able to work with your data and to schedule the service. (Note: If you are considering our FM Scorecard program, the Enhanced Benchmarking program is included as part of the FM MAP™ Scorecard Setup.)

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Cultural Institution – Done-4-U Benchmarking Program

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