Smaller Institution Benchmarking

We understand that some cultural institutions have limited staff (and data) but can still benefit from facility benchmarking to improve how they manage their facilities.

  • Many smaller institutions (those with less than 50,000 gross square feet or 5000 gross square meters) have indicated they would like to benchmark but some aspects of the standard program do not apply because of their size. (The IAMFA Benchmarking Steering Committee is aware that many institutions of this size  do not have support staff or even the data for the full benchmarking program.)
  • Some organizations see the value in benchmarking but would like a simplified version because they have limited data and resources to participate in the standard program.

The Core Benchmarking Program provides the opportunity to benchmark your properties in minutes by entering just a couple dozen data items such as facility size, costs by type, and answer some multiple choice questions about your organization and property. This option provides an easy and affordable opportunity if any of these situations apply to you:

  • you are just starting to benchmark,
  • you do not have much data already assembled,
  • you do not have the staff or time for an extensive benchmarking program,
  • you only want key facility metrics.

Program Features

  • Easy to use self-service web forms and Excel template for data entry.
  • A limited number of data items are required (15-30 plus some multiple choice demographic items) to allow reporting of key performance data for space, janitorial, maintenance, security, and utilities.
  • Interactive business intelligence reporting for the results (An Executive Report with the key performance data).
  • Able to attend online meetings and workshops.
  • Online and phone support by Facility Issues.
  • Economical rate to participate.


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