Smaller Institution Benchmarking

We’ve created a special benchmarking application for smaller institutions… those with less than 50,000 gross square feet or 5000 gross square meters. Many smaller institutions have indicated they would like to benchmark and see the value in it but have been unable to provide the resources needed to participate.


The IAMFA Benchmarking Steering Committee is aware that many institutions of this size  do not have access to staff support needed for the full benchmarking exercise and that budget funds are limited. That is why we developed a survey designed for smaller institutions with limited support.

Features and costs

  • Key performance data for space, janitorial, maintenance, security, and utilities
  • This is now part of our “Core Metrics” program – there are a limited number of questions to minimize time needed to benchmark… about 14 questions in total
  • Deeply discounted rate to participate and workshop attendance is optional extra.


Use the enroll button in the upper right corner of this page to register and make payment by credit card.