Smaller Institution Benchmarking

Many smaller institutions (those with less than 50,000 gross square feet or 5000 gross square meters) have indicated they would like to benchmark and see the value in it but have limited resources.

The IAMFA Benchmarking Steering Committee is aware that many institutions of this size  do not have support staff or even the data for the full benchmarking program. We have an option that allows smaller institutions to participate in the cultural institution benchmarking.

Features and costs

  • Key performance data for space, janitorial, maintenance, security, and utilities.  There is a limited number of data items needed (15-30 plus some multiple choice demographic items).
  • Same easy to use online forms or Excel template to enter the data.
  • Same interactive business intelligence reporting of the results.
  • Deeply discounted rate to participate.
  • Workshop attendance is optional (so no cost if not attending the annual meeting).



Enroll in our “Core Metrics” program. When you enter your data be sure to identify your organization type as one of the cultural options.