Cultural Institution Benchmarking Participation Options

There are several different options for your cultural institution to participate in a facility benchmarking program.

Cultural Institution Benchmarking Program

The Cultural Institution Benchmarking Program is ideal for most larger museums, libraries, zoos, aquariums, performing art centers, and other cultural institutions.  This program includes two main components:

We offer price reductions for new participants and those with multiple facilities:

  • IAMFA encourages new members to participate in the benchmarking survey with a discount fee for first time participants. (listed on the enroll page)
  • Participant with multiple sites receive reduced rates (listed on the enroll page).
  • Use the following coupon for a 10% multi-year discount on the regular benchmarking program: (CI2YR)

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Small Institution Benchmarking

We understand that small cultural institutions have limited staff (and data) but can still benefit from facility benchmarking to improve how they manage their facilities.  More information about the small cultural institution benchmarking option provided by Facility Issues.


Energy Benchmarking

Energy metrics are part of our regular cultural institution benchmarking program, but if this program is not for you, consider other options for energy – a significant operating cost for many cultural institutions:

  • Free Energy Use Intensity Benchmarking – Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is one of the key facilty metrics related to both sustainability and cost managements. More information about the free energy use intensity benchmarking program for cultural institutions by Facility Issues.
  • Energy Star Benchmarking with Portfolio Manager – More and more cities and jurisdictions are starting to require cultural institutions to participate in the free Energy Star benchmarking program (US and CA).  Facility Issues can help if you are not already doing this – use the form below to contact us.
  • Your maintenance consultant, engineering consultant, or third party energy management company may offer real-time energy management software and energy benchmarking.


Benchmarking Support Services

Facility Issues also provides custom benchmarking support and facility analytical services. Read more about the facility benchmarking support services we offer.


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