Online Meetings & Workshops

Cultural Facilities Virtual Meetings

Traditionally we have only held a benchmarking group meeting the day prior to the annual conference.  This session allows staff from participating organizations to share best practices, network with peers, develop professionally/be mentored, and benchmark data/practices.

The challenges in both hosting and attending on-site meetings in 2020 resulted in Facility Issues scheduling some web events in lieu of the traditional best practices meeting.   These are virtual meetings, not webinars. (See the description and requirements in the meeting agendas below.)

Initially these events will use the Zoom platform (let us know if this is a problem for your organization). Attendance will be limited to 30-40 persons so all participants can be seen on one scree and to allow all to contribute to discussions. Each meeting will be 2-3 hours long and have a topic or theme. The meeting theme will be the initial subject of discussion, but there will also be open town hall session to allow you to get feedback from the group on any question you have.  Sessions will not be recorded.


July Meeting – FM Metrics and Data for 2020 and Beyond

Building technology and FM systems are getting more and more advanced (and we have more and more of them).  How is this changing the the data and metrics that we have available, what we need, and how best to use it? Participants will be asked to share the data sources and reporting regularly used by their staff.


August Meeting – Emerging changes in the Cultural Facility / Workplace for 2020 and Beyond

The pandemic is only the triggering event in larger market/society changes. How is the convergence of various technologies (mobile, automation, smart buildings) and other trends (employee health, skilled labor challenges, sustainability pressure, need for resiliency, budget challenges) changing your organizations’ operations and your long term facility needs? Participants will be asked to share their new approaches to facilities.


September Meeting – Benchmarking Reporting Workshop

This will be a “hands-on” review of the 2020 benchmarking reports and how to use the MS PowerBI interface to take advantage of the available data.  Revisions to the reports will be made based on discussion. Participants will be asked to share how they are using the results.


Meeting Registration

The meetings are open to all staff from organizations participating in any of our utility benchmarking programs – use the form below to register up to 1 week in advance.  The first person from each participating organization is free (a second is also free space permitting). Other interested persons can use the form below to sign up for the waiting list and we will contact you two weeks prior to the session if there are seats available  (meeting fees apply).


Interested in Leading a Special Meeting?

Contact Robert Lambe if you would like to arrange for a meeting on a specific topic not on our list.