Benchmarking Schedule

IAMFA Benchmarking Schedule

The IAMFA benchmarking schedule is designed to allow participants to input their data and review it thru various draft report cycles. This assures that the overall quality of the benchmarking report is maintained.  See the Important Dates on the right side of the page.

*All webinars held at
4 p.m. UK/ 11 a.m. US-Canada Eastern / 8 a.m. US-Canada Pacific

The 2019 Program Schedule Milestones:

Date Activity
April 1 Website open for data input
TBD Webinar: Data Input & Survey Clarifications
Jun 21 Preliminary data submittal deadline for Draft Report
Jul 1 Preliminary report available – update first Monday each month
Jun – Aug Input data revisions
Aug 30 Final data submittal due
 Sep 13 Draft report available (for discussion at Workshop)
 Sep 22 Best Practices and Learning Workshop – Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 11 Complete final data adjustments and corrections
Oct 25 Final report available
TBD Webinar: Review report

Recorded webinars:

Benchmarking Getting Started Webinar – April 4, 2017

Best performance:

If your company blocks YouTube, use this: Benchmarking Getting Started Webinar April 4 2017