Benchmarking Schedule

The benchmarking schedule is designed to allow participants to input their data and review it thru various draft report cycles. This assures that the overall quality of the benchmarking report is maintained. We schedule many webinars twice to allow participation from Europe to Australia.

Standing Meetings

Steering Committee meetings – second Tuesday at 4:00 ET (January to September)

Online Networking meetings – third Tuesday at 4:00 ET (most months, see topics and details)

Cultural Facility 2021 Benchmarking Program Milestones

Date Activity
Apr 1 Website open for data input
Apr 20 Webinar: Data Input & Survey Clarifications
11:00 am EDT (UTC – 4) / 8 am PDT
Check your local time
6:00 pm EST (UTC – 5) / 3 pm PDT
Check your local time
Apr – Jun Input preliminary data
Jul 2 Preliminary data submittal deadline for Draft Report
Jul 26 Draft report available – update every other Monday
Jul – Sep Input data revisions
Sep 3 Final data submittal deadline
Sep 13 Draft report available (for discussion at Workshop)
TBD Sep-Oct Benchmarking Workshop at IAMFA Annual Conference
Oct 22 Complete final data adjustments and corrections
Nov 1 Final report available
Nov 16 Webinar: Review results
11:00 am EST (UTC – 5) / 8 am PDT
Check your local time
5:00 pm EST (UTC – 5) / 1 pm PDT
Check your local time