Cultural Facility 2021 Benchmarking Update

2021 was another “interesting” year, as we all have been planning, transitioning to, or adjusting to, new facility standards and operations. The Cultural Facility Benchmarking program has seen some adaptations as well.


Instead of the annual Benchmarking Workshop at the annual meeting. We shifted to monthly virtual Shared Practice & Networking Meetings that included a wide range of topics, several requested by participants:


The 2021 benchmarking data set includes:

  • 54 properties, with
  • 8 M GSF, containing
  • 158 M collection items, seen by
  • 8 M annual visitors.

This summary chart of 5-year trends on the primary direct facility costs show that we are starting to see an upward trend on operating costs again, which will present challenges to cultural facilities facing revenue restrictions.

The Benchmarking results are available in the interactive Power BI platform, with the following reports (sections) by topic.


Looking Forward to 2022

We have started planning the 2022 program and plan to continue the monthly Shared Practice & Networking Meetings and resume the on-site Benchmarking Workshop at the annual meeting. Contact me if you have a topic of interest for these meetings or a case study to share.

We are offering a full range of options for benchmarking and data/metrics workshops to help you/your staff take better advantage of your facility data by using templates and automation. Take advantage of early bird discounts if you are interested and have end of year funds available.

If you want to learn about any of these programs, join our overview webinar on January 11, 2022, at 1:00 pm EST.


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