Core Facility Metric Benchmarking Program

About the Core Facility Metric Benchmarking Program

Our Core Facility Metrics program provides the opportunity to benchmark your properties in minutes by entering just a couple dozen data items such as facility size, number of occupants, costs by activity, and answer some multiple choice questions about your organization and property.

This group provides a very easy and affordable opportunity if any of these situations apply to you:

  • you are just starting to benchmark,
  • you do not have much data already assembled,
  • you do not have the staff or time for an extensive benchmarking program,
  • you only want key facility metrics.

How it Works

You can contact us or sign up directly online.  You receive a participant code to identify yourself in the results and all information about your organization is confidential.

You can either enter your data directly into our online forms, or download an Excel template to fill-in and upload.  We use a set of data definitions commonly used in the industry over many years of benchmarking. You can enter up to 10 properties, or can combine all your properties into one submission for your organization.  If you have your data in your corporate systems or even excel files, it can often be entered in just a couple hours.

The data from all participants is compiled quarterly and loaded into a business intelligence reporting system. You can access the system and filter the results by categories such as:

  • Type of organization
  • Where does the facility management organization report?
  • Facility Management Staffing Approach
  • Property Nature
  • Property Type
  • Property Size (Range groupings)
  • Property Age (Range groupings)
  • Property FCI (Range groupings)
  • Climate Zone
  • Property Maintenance Service Level
  • Property Cleaning Service Level
  • Property Pavement/Grounds Service Level
  • Climate Control Service Level
  • Property “Green”Certification

The report includes the following facility metrics for your organization along with how you compare with other participants:

Key FM Metrics:

  • FM Opex* as % Payroll
  • FM Opex* per Property Occupant
  • FM Opex* per Property Operating Hour
  • Capital Renewal as % Replacement Asset Value
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI)
  • Area per Property Occupant

Staffing Metrics:

  • Area Managed per Supervisor
  • Area Maintained per Craft FTE
  • Area Cleaned per Custodian
  • Capital Managed per Project Manager
  • Ratio Workers to Supervisors

Work Metrics

  • Work Orders per Craft FTE
  • Percent Planned Work
  • Percent of Planned Work completed on Schedule
  • Percent of Unplanned Work completed on Schedule

Cost Metrics

  • Maintenance Cost per Area
  • Custodial Cost per Area
  • Utility Cost per Area

Consumption (Sustainability) Metrics

  • KWH per Area
  • KWH per Property Operating Hour
  • EUI
  • Water Usage per Area


The Facility Issues Core Metrics Benchmarking program provides benefits not available with other free or low cost options:

  • You can see how your organization compares with others (not just the averages, but your results with your code number on the charts)
  • You have the option of including multiple properties (up to 10).
  • Our Excel template make it easy to collect and enter your data (can be copy/paste)
  • You get a facility scorecard (of your own operation) as part of your benchmarking report.
  • The benchmarking “report” is an interactive business intelligence platform allowing you to customize your displays.
  • We answer questions and provide technical support.
  • The fee is minimal to offset our direct costs. (Government agencies can even take advantage of our GSA pricing)


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Questions and Support

We provide online and phone support if there are any technical questions, we have instruction documents and white papers to help you assemble and use your facility metrics, and periodically hold webinars to review new features and allow you to ask questions and share information with other participants.

Want to benchmark but need help? Read more about the facility benchmarking support services we offer.